Top 8 Shiv Sena’s most violent activities

You take it or not – Shiv Sena is the biggest Don family of Maharashtra. Mumbai has been run by them since decades. Be it a normal Mumbaikar, a big Bollywood Star or a nation’s heartthrob cricketer in Maharashtra – one cannot dare go against Shiv Sena. Started by Bala Saheb Thackeray, Shiv Sena is known for their notoriety, violence and corrupt practices. Let us list out 8 topmost notorious activities by Shiv Sena:

1) Shiv Sena vs Muslims

They started as a Hindu Political organisation and had staunch anti Muslim feelings. The party has displayed hatredness against Muslims quite often. Shiv Sena was discredited with violent behaviour and loot against Muslims in Aurangabad, 1988. Not just that, their workers dug up the entire Wankhede Stadium in the year 1991 to stop the India – Pakistan series. The party’s history is littered with murders, theft, anti national activities, communalism etc. 

2) Shiv Sena vs Tendulkar

This was a part of their propaganda for the 2009 assembly polls. Their leader Bala Saheb Thackeray had openly demeaned Sachin’s comment of a United India. They blamed Sachin for having anti – Maharashtra sentiments. They heavily disgraced Sachin for his comment: “Mumbai belongs to India. That is how I look at it. And I am a Maharashtrian and I am extremely proud of that but I am an Indian first “

3) Shiv Sena vs Pakistani Artists

Bollywood stars, directors and producers have had to bear the torment of Shiv Sena activists time and again. Shiv Sena had banned Karan Johar’s high budget film – Ae Dil Ae Mushkil – due to the involvement of a Pakistani  actor Fawad Khan. In order to get it released, Karan Johar had to adhere to their multiple demands of coughing up a heavy sum of 5 crores for India army’s martyr fund and confirming to not signing any Pakistani actor in the future. 

4) Shiv Sena vs Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh had spoken “”I truly believe that they should have been chosen. As a matter of fact, I’m not going to be the one who is opposite from what everyone else is saying but I wanted Abdul Razzaq. I think it was in the newspapers much earlier than even the auction started. Dada (Sourav Ganguly) was very keen.” Shiv Sena undermined the actor Shahrukh Khan as a traitor of the country for this comment of the actor on participation of Pakistani cricketers in IPL. The Sena Activists even threatened to stop the actor’s film “My Name is Khan” from releasing. 

5) Shiv Sena vs Immigrants

The Shiv Sena should definitely think about the Maharashtrians but it is not ok to treat immigrants as outsiders. Shiv Sena openly rained their wrath on immigrants by
asking them to vacate the city. They openly preached casteism by launching an attack on Biharis asking them to vacate from the city. The Sena branded them as a burden on the city’s infrastructure.

6) Shiv Sena vs Sania Mirza

Shiv Sena launched a campaign against famous Tennis star Sania Mirza for marrying a Pakistani cricketer. Mr. Bala Thackeray stooped so low that he branded her as a characterless person whose more popular for her revealing clothes, hot affairs than her on field activities. She was called as an anti national for choosing a Pakistani over an Indian to marry. 

7) Shiv Sena renaming Bombay to Mumbai

The leaders of Shiv Sena are known to create fuss over the most trivial issues. They stalled the movie – Wake Up Sid – from releasing as it mentioned the city as Bombay instead of Mumbai. The posters were torn, the cinema halls were attacked for no big reasons at all. The producer of the movie – Karan Johar – had to issue an apology to the then leader – Raj Thackeray,

8) Shiv Sena vs Kangana Ranaut

The verbal spat between Shiv Sena’s leader Sanjay Raut and Kangana Ranaut took an ugly turn after the Sena demolished the actresses’ office premises. Kangana had committed a mistake of comparing Mumbai to a Mini Pakistan. This terrible mistake by Kangana of openly challenging Shiv Sena leaders had invited the ire of Shiv Sena activists. 

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