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Top 5 Institutes for Helping your Child Excel in Mathematics in Kolkata

Rishika was shit scared and was feared to read the Maths question paper. Numbers made her panic. She was literally thinking that she will never be able to manage it: So many questions in such a short span of time? Her mind was totally blank and that too after spending sleepless nights just days before the exam. This is known as MATHS ANXIETY.  And this is the case with many other students and not just Rishika. This maths-phobia is increasing exponentially due to the ever increasing competition, surmounting pressure and increasing syllabus. 
However, we parents can help our children in eliminating the fear of maths from their mind and help them excel in the field of maths. Let us list out the top 5 Abacus institutes in Kolkata which can help your child overcome its phobia of maths by way of mixing fun with learning. 
This institute located in the northern part of the city offers a special mental math program using modern math technique “ABACUS” for children which helps them excel in mental arithmetic. They help kids master mental math through an easy and effective way. The different mathematics steps are explained through the movement of beads. The institute is listed under the several renowned International Abacus organisations. It is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 29990 : 2010 Certified Company. We aim to revolutionize the Indian study system by creating a perfect mix of academics and creativity so as to ignite the underlying passion of the students which will help us in the nation’s future development as a whole. 
The institute After School Activity center was established in the year 2012 and have since then introduced multiple educational services under its banner like Spoken English, Handwriting, Calligraphy and the latest among them all is Abacus. Abacus is one of the most recognized scientific programs for helping children and adults learn Math. The institute’s Abacus faculties hold experience of 20+ years. The school uses Soroban Abacus as a tool for teaching Abacus. They teach through different methods of mental calculations by way of Interactive and Virtual processes. The course forces the students to exercise their brain resulting in betterment of mental abilities. 
The institute believes in teaching while having fun. It encourages children to participate in mathematics while engaging in a fun and masti filled environment. We use the inquisitiveness of the child to help it learn maths. We call it “Happy Stress”. This way the children are enticed to play the interesting games related to mental maths thus improving their number sense and overall brain abilities. Mastermind Abacus institute uses a combination of ancient methodology and modern technology to help make Abacus learning easier. Some of the available online tools are
a) Student App
b) Training App
c) Virtual Abacus
d) Online Games to help build speed
In today’s times of hypercompetitiveness, children are required to learn so much informal knowledge even after their primary school education and an overall personality development. Magic Math is here to help you and you child. We teach children a whole new set of techniques which helps them increase their concentration, visualisation, memorisation and computational abilities. And all this is done through ABACUS. This increases the child’s speed to read and write. Besides, this also helps the child become friendly with numbers by leveraging their mental math capabilities. Increased power of memorisation and logical thinking leads to a higher self confidence and much better academic performance.  
UCMAS offers a specialised Children Development Program for children aged between 4 – 13 years. This is done via the help of age old Abacus techniques. Besides empowering maths ability,  UCMAS’ children development program helps in the overall development of a child by improving its problem solving skills. This instills greater self confidence in the child and helps it to be successful in different spheres of life and not just education. Our experienced yet dynamic team of faculties ensure students learn while having fun. Since its inception in Kolkata through its franchisee Genius Abacus Kids Pvt. Ltd., it has trained more than many thousand students. 

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