Top 10 delicious foods high in protein diet

What is protein? It is an amazing macro nutrient that serves as the fundamental building blocks of the human body. It acts wonders for your health. It aids in growth and repair of all body tissues. Not just that, it also plays a vital role in formation of hormones and enzymes. Higher intake of protein has multiple other benefits like reduction of fat, strengthening of muscle mass, lowers blood pressure, helps fight diabetes etc.
As per stats, let us see the amount of basic Protein Intake:
Men – 56 gm
Women – 46 gm
Protein is found abundantly in both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian diet. Let us pledge to fill our diet with the most amazing sources of protein and get ready to say hi to a healthy life ahead. Check out the top 10 delicious foods high in protein diet.




1) Cheers to Chickpeas (चने):

Top 10 delicious foods high in protein diet

This is a protein-high and low-calorie food. These serve as the best protein source for vegetarians. 
1 ounce of serving = 3 gms of protein
The chickpeas serve as the best source of protein when compared to other legumes as it contains almost all essential amino acids. They work best when paired up with other protein sources such as whole grains.  

2) Sunday हो या Monday रोज़ खायें Eggs:

An egg as a whole is high-on-protein food. And egg whites are purely protein. 
1 large egg = 6 gms of protein
The eggs are essentially the best source of protein as they contain all the 9 essential amino acids in the perfect proportions. Eggs are best consumed during breakfast as it helps you feel fuller for a greater period of time. 

3) Proteinaceous Almonds

This dry fruit is one of the great sources of protein. 
1 ounce of almonds = 6 gms of protein
A normal adult can easily consume upto 10 almonds in a day. You can eat them raw, soaked or roasted. It can be eaten raw or soaked or can be added to oatmeal, morning salad or whole grain cereal as a part of the breakfast.

4) Feed yourself Chickens

Chicken is one of the most obvious sources of dietary protein. 
1 ounce of Skinless Chicken post Cooking = 7 gms of Protein
1 ounce of Skinless Chicken before Cooking = 6 gms of Protein
It can be served alone or can be included in your favorite dishes such as Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Stews etc. It is a lean meat with a much lesser fat quotient, best suited for dieters. 

5) L for Lunch... L for Lentils ( मसूर की दाल )

Lentils,one of the oldest sources of food are one of the most known protein rich foods among vegetarian items. These high-on-protein meat replacements are extremely beneficial for health. 
1 ounce of serving = 3 gms of protein
Easy to Cook. Fast to Serve. It is an ideal food for those looking to uplift their protein intake at an economical price.  

6) मछली Protein की रानी

All kinds of sea foods, especially fishes, are an excellent source of protein. Fish is one of the most popular protein rich foods. Most of the protein content comes from breasts and wings.  Experts suggest that protein present inside fishes perfectly complement the protein provided by vegetable diet items. 
1 ounce of fish = 28 gms of protein
Some of the most popular protein rich fishes that are abundantly found are Salmon, Tuna, Anchovies, Sardines, Snapper, Cod, Mackerel, Pomfret, Herring etc. 

7) Keep eating T.O.F.U.

Tofu is a plant based protein source made from Soybeans. Since it contains all the 9 essential amino acids so it can be easily used as a substitute for the meat. 
1 ounce = 2 gms of protein
Tofu can be cooked in a variety of different ways to make it more interesting. The point to be noted is that a firmer tofu has a higher protein content. 

8) P for Peas ... P for Protein

Peas are one vegetable which are high in proteins. They can give competition to any other green vegetables when it comes to higher protein content. 
1 ounce of Pea = 1 gm of Protein
These peas can make for interesting recipes like Peas Pulao, Pea Paratha, Peas and Potato curry etc. 

9) Are you NUTS?

Nuts are extremely healthy snacks which are good sources of protein. 
1 ounce of nuts = 6 gms of Protein
Some commonly available nuts and seeds rich in protein are hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, cashews, and more.

10) Oats

Oats are considered to be an excellent protein source. Avelanin, one of the most scarcely found proteins, is available in Oats. It is commonly consumed as oatmeal, rolled oats and many other delicious recipes. 
1 tablespoon of oats = 3.3 gms of Protein  
You can also eat it in different forms like Cheela, Porridge, Pancakes etc. Oats related dishes are quick, easy and hassle free.  

1) Cheers to Chickpeas (चने):

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