Ten things that should actually count for Bihar elections 2020

The huge involvement of Biharis in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case is a very clear indication of how Biharis are so much interested in non trivial things instead of some of the important issues related to the state’s development. As we all know, one of the most backward states of the country – Bihar – is dealing with all sorts of problems like Alarming rates of Unemployment, Destruction caused by Natural Disasters, Poor Administration etc. but still all the focus has been shifted to the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. The silly and non important issues have again faded the most important issues and the current Bihar government along with BJP is going gaga over it. The case of the suicide/ murder of Sushant Singh Rajput has forced these 10 most important for an average Bihari voter to take a backseat.


1) Corrupt education system

Bihar is the topmost ranked state in terms of corruption. The people still remember the case of Ruby Ray, the so called topper of Bihar Board who wasn’t able to answer even the most basic of the questions in an interview. The state’s education system is known for all the wrong reasons like forgery and fraud. Most of the state’s universities examination schedule is forever delayed. Even the primary education system is a defective one with almost no clear objective and vision. 

2) Atrocities against women

Bihar ranks at the top when it comes to the atrocities against the women. The dowry related deaths are still rampant in the state even in the year 2020. And most surprisingly these mishappening against women are quite common even in the most wealthy and educated families. 

3) High on crime

Bihar ranks topmost for all the reasons for which it should not. It’s forever at a  high in criminal activities. Since its inception, Bihar’s politics has been dominated by criminals. The most famous leader of the state – Lalu Prasad Yadav can be taken as once such example. In Bihar, a criminal always has a higher chance of winning an election. 

4) Damage caused due to Natural Disaster

Bihar has been one such state which has witnessed floods almost every other year. Yet various governments over the years have failed to pay even a heed to the damage caused due to such natural disasters. The state of Bihar is one of the best examples of poor urban infrastructure.

5) High illiteracy rate

The state of Bihar remains untouched by the Green Revolution, IT Boom, Make in India or any such centre sponsored campaigns. The literacy rate of Bihar is at an all time low. The number of scholars/ IAS/ IPS from Bihar are at an all time low.

6) Mode of Transport 😂

The state government has never given the much needed attention to the public transport system. There has not been even an iota of improvement in Bihar’s public commutation since decades. The poor mode of transportation affects almost everything – education, healthcare, businesses, industries and what not. 
The poorest modes of transport like bicycles, cycle vans etc. can be seen abundantly in the state. 

7) Gunda Raaj

It seems Bihar is still 50 years back when compared to the rest of the Indian states. GUNDA RAAJ is still prevalent in this state irrespective of the changing chief ministers and governments. What else can be expected when the state’s biggest criminals go on to become the state’s chief ministers. 

8)The most अश्लील state

Someone has correctly said that the cinema is the truest reflection of the culture. The Bhojpuri cinema is the most vulgar form of cinema in the world. Their songs and dances are equally unsophisticated.

9)Lack of political competition

Lack of competition is bound to decrease one’s performance. Similar thing is happening in Bihar in the absence of any strong competitor to the current ruling party. Congress can be easily ruled out of the competition as it has not managed to win any of the elections since decades. And BJP and the ruling party are found to be on the same side. The political agenda of opposition party leader Jeetan Ram Manjhi is definitely not enough for any far fetched results. 

10) Glorification of Criminalisation

The state has been in a habit of tagging criminals as their heroes. The state’s culture and values are deep rooted inside casteism, feudalism and anarchism. Glorifying such activities have degraded the social stature of the state. The state has never managed to applaud those who have brought socio-cultural changes in the state.   

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