5 Reasons what makes Pulimurugan one of the biggest hits of Mohanlal’s Career

This day 4 years ago, Pulimurugan stormed its way into the league of the biggest blockbusters of Mollywood in 2016. The highly anticipated movie, directed by Vyshakh was one of the costliest movies of Mollywood Industry. This film will definitely be counted among one of the best acting performances of Mohanlal’s dignified career.   1) Mass …

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Entertainment and Media

5 Points that clearly show that SSR’s death was more than a Suicide

Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case mystery seems to be a never ending one with CBI and AIIMS backtracking over their statements. This has left many questions unanswered in the mind of the general public. Let us list out 5 of the most amusing happenings related to the incident that still do not have any explanation …

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Most common 10 Instagram issues

Have you experienced problems with Instagram ever? There may be several reasons which may lead to such problems like: A) Instagram servers may be down B) Instagram Bugs C) Improper internet connectivity Let’s find out some of the most common Instagram Bugs. 1) Instagram account Login issue Several users reported issues while logging in their …

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Family and Parenting

How to Parent a daughter as a Single Father

Parenting is the most daunting task ever. It’s got no manuals attached and to each its own. And being a single father to a daughter makes parenting all the more¬†difficult. As a parent you have to guide her through myriad social situations, complicated feelings and complex bodily developments without having any first hand experience of …

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