Most common 10 Instagram issues

Have you experienced problems with Instagram ever? There may be several reasons which may lead to such problems like:

  • A) Instagram servers may be down
  • B) Instagram Bugs
  • C) Improper internet connectivity

Let's find out some of the most common Instagram Bugs.

1) Instagram account Login issue

Several users reported issues while logging in their Instagram account in August 2018. Instagram officially released a message saying, “We are aware that some people are having difficulty accessing their Instagram account.” Several users received a mail asking them to undo a change of the related email Id and go for a more secure password. The users can fix such a problem simply by changing the password and enabling 2 – factor authentication method. 

2) Instagram app related issues

  • Many a times users have reported bugs while using Instagram app. You can simply sort that out by trying out the following:
  • A) Restart the phone and open the app once again after the phone restarts.
  • B) If the problem persists even after restarting the app, then you should uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app.
  • B) If the problem persists even after restarting the app, then you should uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app.
  • C) Check for your internet connectivity if it's working fine or not. You may need to switch from WiFi to Mobile Data or vice versa.

3) Issues while posting on Instagram

Too much liking and commenting can lead to your Instagram account being marked as spam. This may be one of the reasons you may have been banned from posting. This normally happens for a while and is restored after sometime. You may login from your browser into your Instagram account and try and edit your Bio. Lots of times it’s been found to fix the posting issues on Instagram. However, it may also happen due to power internet connectivity issues which needs to be sorted out at your end.

4) Instagram login issues

This is one of the most common issues users face while using Instagram app. This login issue can be sorted out after logging in from a computer. Or you can just reset your password using forgot password option. One can reset the password using Facebook account also provided Instagram and FB accounts are linked. 

5) Issues while connecting Facebook and Instagram

  • At times, users may find problems connecting Instagram with Facebook. It can be easily fixed after following the below steps:
  • A) Remove Instagram permissions from Facebook
  • B) Uninstall both the apps
  • C) Reinstall the apps and attach Instagram with related Facebook account

6) Instagram tagging issues

It’s is advisable to never tag unrelated profiles. This may lead to your account being blocked for tagging due to excessive reporting. And if someone you had tagged earlier is no more tagged means the user has untagged itself.

7) Instagram Hashtags issues

Instagram allows a maximum of 25 Hashtags per comment. You can overcome this by writing more hashtags in different comments. Too much hashtags is considered spamming and Instagram may block your comment option or the entire account. 

8) Instagram Following issue

As per the newest rules of Instagram, you are not allowed to follow any more than 7500 profiles. If you want to follow more people you may need to unfollow certain profiles before following the new ones. 

9) Automatically Deleted posts

Often users have reported posts being deleted from their Instagram accounts. Several users have also reported their Instagram accounts being deleted without any notification. Users facing these issues can just connect with Instagram support to get it sorted out. 

10) Instagram info not getting edited

Several users have reported that they have been unable to edit their Insta bio. This may normally be sorted out after installing and reinstalling the app. At times you may also need to update to the latest version of the app or else you may need to logout and again login into the app. 

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