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How to school your child during vacations?

Help your child learn during vacation break

To keep young minds actively engaged even during the vacations is a tough job. Interestingly, studies have revealed that students practicing learning newer things during the vacations fare better once the school reopens. A parent’s exemplary planning and commitment towards child’s learning can make the vacations an unforgettable learning curve.

Help them develop mathematical skills

It is a great idea to help them develop their mathematical skills. You can do this by making them participate in daily household chores. You can present them simple questions like how do we need to buy if each of the family member eats 1 packet of chips.

Depending upon your child’s age you can present much more complex mathematical calculations to them by taking them for grocery shopping and asking them to calculate the entire bill themselves and tally it with the cashier.

Help them develop reading skills

You can help your child improve its reading skills by reading them new stories every night by expressing yourself through pictures and expressions. For older child, you can read them novels and then ask them related question to improve their analytical skills. Reading is a very good exercise to increase vocabulary. Dedicating half an hour for the reading exercise is a good enough time.

Another good idea is to ask your child to read different signs while out on a road trip. Make it a point that your child collects travel bureau brochures, hotel menus, city road maps etc. while out on a travel vacation. This will also help inculcate the good habit of reading in your child.

Help them develop writing skills

Writing is an excellent habit and is highly beneficial for a child’s academic growth. You can encourage your child to pen down it’s each day’s experience in a diary. Help your children write down a list of things they hope to do during the vacation. Parents can also help them compile a list of relatives and friends (along with their addresses and phone numbers) they plan to visit during the vacations. It is a very good idea to actively seek your child’s help while filling out restaurant’s or hotel’s customer feedback forms.

You can also encourage your child to create greeting cards with personalized written messages on them. For grown-ups, you can encourage them to solve the crosswords. This in turn will help the child learn and write new words. Most importantly writing should never feel as just another school chore to the kids. Rather the best way to engage students in writing is to sneak writing into play.

Help them develop cooking skills

Vacations are all about education with fun. Vacations should ideally allow children to learn newer things while never missing out on the fun element. Cooking is one such important thing which can be taught during vacations. It definitely helps your child in long run by making them feel more independent.

You can help your child develop cooking skills by getting them involved while preparing food. You can also do that by making them taste the food while preparing. One can teach grown up children to bake the cakes and allow them to serve them to the family members and neighbors. To make the whole process of cooking more fun, you can try recipes which excites children like — pancakes, muffins, cookie pizzas, fruit desserts etc. To make it more educational, one can go for recipes which involve lots of fruits and vegetables.

Help them learn about history

Most of the children dislike history and feel bored reading about it. But you can make the process of learning history fun by visits to museums during the vacations. You can also collect information brochures while visiting historical museums. Try and arrange trips to the historical places during the vacations that your child has been studying the year around. This way it will help the child learn history in an interesting way.

Another great way to develop an interest in history is to make books with history themes a regular part of child’s daily reading activity. To excite the child more you can discuss the book that you are going to read. Ensure that the child looks and observes the pictures as that it is going to make the entire process more connecting.

Help them learn about geography

Vacation means going on outstation trips. This is an ideal time to learn about geography. Teach the children about different bus, metro or any other available routes in the city you are travelling to. Discuss the major attraction centers of the city you are travelling to. Let your child act as the navigator for the trip. Other things that you can do while travelling on a highway is to ask the child to identify outstation number plates on cars. This way they learn about different states and provinces of a particular country.

Another interesting way to teach geography to your child is to locate different countries and state on a map with your child. Make it more fun by discussing the specialties of each of the places. Discuss about its climate, it’s location, it’s people, it’s food etc.

Help them learn craft and art

Vacations are the best time for a child to explore it’s creative side. The parents can participate in different kinds of DIY art and craft activities while the child is at home during the vacations. Learning art and craft is a creative engagement activity. Art and crafts allow the children to express themselves freely. Creating and developing new things by means of art and craft instill self-confidence in them. Art enables a child to think differently and in an innovative way.

The parents should inspire their children to participate in creative activities like painting, jewelry making, photography, dancing etc. You can introduce them to such activities by making them attend workshops and this will help you find their hidden inner talent.

Help them learn extra curricular activities

Vacations are about outstation family trips but what about the time when the child is at home. There are some amazing ways you can keep them productively engaged during the vacations.

It is always helpful to learn a new extracurricular activity. And what the best time to do that than during the vacations. A new activity may be learning a new language, participating in gardening, learning self-defense through karate, learning music, learning swimming etc. These extracurricular activities help make the child confident. Plus it enhances leadership qualities in the child along with the development of passion, discipline and commitment. And do not forget to cheer your kid when it participates in the competition.

Help them develop volunteering skills

It is commendable to be an excellent student in school. But it is equally important to be a good human being. And vacations are the best time to engage child into different types of volunteering works. You can involve the child into any kind of volunteering activity such as cleanliness drive, spending a day at orphanage. This makes them compassionate. And most importantly it teaches them to value things.

Hence, learning to volunteer is as important as education in school. It helps in social and emotional development of the child. This is the reason why lots of renowned colleges make it mandatory to have volunteer hours for high school students. And along with empathy and kindness, volunteering also makes your child a responsible human being.

Just enjoy and have fun with children

This is a very important thing to do amidst vacations. Vacations, enjoyment and fun go hand in hand for children. It is the time when you should let them do whatever they like. Let them indulge in their favorite activities be it some kind of sports or games or just watching movies or anything else. School holidays are a great time for children to take a break from regular mundane activities and engage in fun activities.

Of course, it is very important to play and spend time with your children. If you are working parents, then you may participate with them during weekends. This will make your bond stronger than ever.

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