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8 Reasons why Dhoni will always be a Champion

In India, Cricket is nothing short of a religion. And yes all the famous cricketers are considered as Gods. And Mahendra Singh Dhoni can be surely considered as a Godfather. He literally came from nowhere and established himself as one of the formidable players of the team in almost no time. With time, he matured from an explosive hard hitting batsman – keeper to the most coolest captain of the world. Let us list out 10 most important reasons that make Dhoni a champion forever and ever.

1) Jo Jeeta wohi DHONI

Dhoni has an impeccable record as a captain. He’s a proud winner of both ODI and T20 World Cups. His leadership led India to the topmost position in Worldwide Test Rankings. 

2) Helicopter Shot : A Perfect Answer to the Yorkers

Captain Cool’s HELICOPTER SHOT is a perfect answer to the bowler’s most lethal weapon: YORKERS. His helicopter shot that helped India win 2011 World Cup Final against Sri Lanka will forever be etched in every cricket lover’s memory. 

3) The Best Finisher is Here

Dhoni is one such cricketer who can adapt his style according to demands of the situation. He can bat at almost any available slot. We have seen him defend. We have seen him attack. He’s known for switching gears in no time and swiftly snatches away the victory from the claws of the opposition. 

4) Thanda Thanda.. Cool Dhoni

One of the coolest captain in the world – MS Dhoni maintains calm even in the most extreme situations – be it an important final, a bitter verbal war with opponents, or even an umpire’s decision going wrong against him.

5) Jack of all Trades.. And Master of All too

MS Dhoni is one of the best wicket keeper batsman in the history of world cricket. He’s one of the most successful captains in the history of Indian Cricket and World Cricket. 

6) 100% faith in his Team

Captain Cool is known to have full faith in his selection. Everyone remembers the case of Joginder Sharma. It was his first match and Dhoni gave him a chance to bowl the final over of the final T20 World Cup match vs Pakistan. And you know what followed next. 

7) A Perfect Brand Ambassador of Gentleman's Game

Dhoni is a perfect brand ambassador of sportsman spirit. Remember the instance of Ian Bell when Dhoni called him back to the crease after being wrongly declared run out by the umpire. He has even been adjudged the winner of Spirit of Cricket Award and first ever Fair Play award  

8) Truest Example of Humility

Dhoni had the reputation of an aggressive batsman from his learning days yet he put aside his ego and learnt the helicopter shot from one of his dearest friends which later went on to become one of his trademark shots. One must say that accolades and achievements have had little impact on his humility. He stays down to earth forever. His attitude towards the youngsters and seniors, teammates or opposition is commendable. 

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