7 Points that describe the journey of Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi, popularly known as Modi is currently serving as the Prime Minister of India for the second consecutive time. He rose to international fame with 2014 Lok Sabha elections where he helped his party BJP win the elections with an alarming majority. Modi is also known for his successful serving as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Let's summarize his journey from his childhood till today.

1) Life since his childhood till Graduation

Modi was born in a middle class family in a small town in the state of Gujarat. During his college days, he had joined RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha) and was credited with forming a student wing of RSS. Modi’s rise as an RSS leader was commendable and it helped in shaping his political career.   

2) Life after joining BJP

It was 1987 when Modi joined BJP. Soon after his joining, he was made the general secretary of BJP in Gujarat. He immensely contributed to the rising popularity of BJP in the state. His ascent as a dynamic party leader in BJP was quite remarkable. 

3) Term as Gujarat Chief Minister

Narendra Modi replaced Kesubhai Patel as the then CM of Gujarat in the year 2001. He went on to become one of the longest serving chief ministers of the BJP party. His prolonged term of 12 and a half years was full of controversies and achievements. 

4) Responsible for Communal Riots

Modi was held responsible for his poor management during communal riots in Gujarat in the year 2002. He was blamed for doing nothing to stop the killing of Muslims in the state of Gujarat after the Godhra incident. This greatly tarnished his political image internationally. 

5) Able Administrator

Modi’s continuous success as Chief Minister of Gujarat years after years helped him establish his image as a successful administrator. The state’s admirable growth story coupled with Modi’s successful reign as the Chief Minister of Gujarat made him an ideal candidate for contesting Lok Sabha elections from the BJP party. 

6) First Term as the Prime Minister of India

The Modi wave helped BJP win 2014 Lok Sabha elections with one of the highest margins ever recorded in the history of the BJP party. His reign saw a complete domination of Hindu culture. Besides, his term was marked with several controversial economic reforms like Demonetisation, Introduction of GST etc. 

7) Became Second Term as the Prime Minister of India

Narendra Modi became the first ever non Congress leader to serve consecutive terms as Prime Minister of the country. Modi’s actions against Pakistan just before the elections along with the weakened Congress Party helped boost his image as a Prime Ministerial candidate.

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