5 things you should know about Umar Khalid

Umar Khalid is known for his activities inside the JNU campus. He along with his friends were guilty of staging a protest in Jawaharlal Nehru University against the hanging of terrorist Afzal Guru on 9th February, 2016. Let us understand 10 most important things related to Umar Khalid.

1. A brilliant student with a PhD in Historical Studies

Umar Khalid’s was brilliant in academics. Besides being an MA (in History) and M Phil, his PhD in Historical Studies is an ambitious and competent effort. It was 15th May 2019 when he successfully defended his PhD after a torturous fight with JNU administrators. His recognized work of “Contesting claims and contingencies of the rule on adivasis of Jharkhand” in association with Kanhaiya Kumar and Anirban Bhattacharya was a perfect answer to all those who doubted his academic skills. 

2. Honored Afzal Guru's Death Anniversary

Well we do not know the authenticity of this news. But several media reports claimed that Khalid along with his accomplices had planned to organize an event called “A country without Post Office” as a mark of protest to honor the death anniversary of the infamous parliament attacker Afzal Guru. Several like minded people were also invited to join the event.

3. A DSU Pro

Mr. Khalid was a former Democratic Student’s Union leader who actively participated in the attack against the capital punishment awarded to the terrorism convicts Afzal Guru and others who were involved. An ex-leader of an Extreme Leftist organisation was often found to raise voice against social injustice. However, he decided to resign from his position in November, 2015.

4. Hard Core Communist

Umar Khalid, who has been labelled as an anti -national material is a hardcore communist. Like any other passionate communist, he always used to voice his dissent against any kind of social injustice be it Kashmir issue or Dalit Cause or Gender issue or anything else.

5. Atheist

He is just a born Muslim. But by choice he is an atheist. He does not support any religion or any other country (Pakistan). He simply does not believe in religion. Umar Khalid chooses to maintain safe distance from any kind of faith or religion,

Umar’s thesis, undoubtedly, is no lazy effort. Its sheer rigour, in fact, can take head on the most vicious slander that was propagated with great effect by members of the Modi government and the multiple arms of the Hindutva brigade during the height of the clampdown on Indian universities in 2016. I refer here to the wilful and systematic creation of the perception that research scholars in public universities were simply ‘aged students’ who were fattening on government subsidies and just wasting time in tea shops and losing themselves in pointless discussions, while the financial tab for these so-called habitual ‘work-shirkers’ was being picked up by honest hard working tax payers. This insidious falsehood, if there ever was one, not only sought to demonise intellectuals, but to effectively erode the respect and standing of public universities in India.

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