5 Most Memorable Moments From The People’s Choice Awards

1) Hugh Laurie  noun_joking_1914994 (1).png dedicated a —Pngtree—trophy icon_5064201.pngto himself

Laurie famously imitated his character from the famous TV Drama – “House” by arrogantly dedicating the award to himself. Hugh said, “I would like, on their behalf, to dedicate to me. Without me they are nothing. I am truly fantastic and an honor to work with.”

2) Robert Downey Junior spreadingkisspng-heart-logo-love-5acb3e2713d4a2.4846531915232691590812 (1).png

He won the award for best Movie Actor and favorite Movie Superhero for his role as Tony Stark in the blockbuster movie – The Avenger – in the year 2013. Everyone still remembers the heartwarming moment where he held out his hands open to send out the love for his loving audience. One of the classic moments was where he dedicated his award to one of his fans who just passed away moments before the show began.

3) Vin-Diesel-Body.pnggave an impeccable singing tribute to Late Paul Walker

Actor Vin Diesel gave one of the most memorable moments when he went on to accept the award for the best Action film of 2016 – Fast and Furious 7. Discussing the need for more such multi cultural films, he began talking about Paul Walker who died during the making of the movie and sang “See you Again” as a tribute to the late actor. 

4) Michael Keaton vs Jack Nicholson

The two actors went on the stage together to receive the award for the benchmark movie – Batman – in the year 1990 and enacted their respective characters. It was a passionate moment where Michael and John were acing it up to the crowd’s applause. 

5) Victoria Beckham, the motivational speaker

She won the People’s Choice Fashion Icon award in the year 2016 and gave a straight-from-the-heart speech stressing women empowerment. She iterated, “You put your head down, work hard, and believe in yourself, what you can achieve is incredible.”

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