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Business and Employment

10 Ways to Double your Money in India

No, you really don’t need to get too much spirited since we are not discussing about some fake money doubling proposition. We’ll be telling about 100%

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Most common 10 Instagram issues

Have you experienced problems with Instagram ever? There may be several reasons which may lead to such problems like: A) Instagram servers may be down

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10 Natural Solutions for Weight Loss

Obesity has come out as a major health issue in recent future. It gives birth to major diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack

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Religion and Philosophy

Top 10 Religious Deities of India

Introduction The country India has forever been renowned for its unity in diversity. And yes, these diversities are prevalent in the field of religion too.

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Education and Science

How to school your child during vacations?

Help your child learn during vacation break To keep young minds actively engaged even during the vacations is a tough job. Interestingly, studies have revealed

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Travel and Places

World’s Top 10 Airports

Hey, guys here I am today to unveil world’s top 10 airports. It’s a pleasure to do this for sure. This ranking is based on

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Entertainment and Media

Top 10 Women Directors of Bollywood

‘This is a man’s world but it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl,’ sang James Brown. Similarly glamour world is a male-led

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Sports and Recreation

7 Reasons why IPL is losing its sheen..!

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a ICC acknowledged T20 Cricket League played yearly by clubs denoting Indian cities. This competition has been introduced by BCCI

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Indian Government and Middle Class

Most countrymen feel that none of the Indian government to date has done enough for the middle class. As understood, the government has always been

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Business and Employment

Urban Unemployment in India

Thanks to lock down in India, the unemployment rate has seen a high like never before. While unemployment has been a big issue for both

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Family and Parenting

6 ways to remove your baby girl’s body hair

Congratulations on becoming a Mom! First off, since your little bundle from heaven has arrived, you will literally observe how she appears. The little one’s

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